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Powerful lightweight didgeridoo with a great back pressure that helps easy playing for everyone.

The didgeridoo (also known as a didjeridu or didge) is a wind instrument of the Indigenous Australians (or aboriginal Australians) of northern Australia. The name "Brahma" means the creator.



  • Weight less than a kilo
  • Length 150 cm 
  • Bell 15cm
  • Key F
  • 1st  Toot E / 2nd Toot D
  • Great backpressure 
  • Weight 1000gms
  • Transport bag included


Didgeridoo & sleep apnea

The treatment of sleep apnea is quite challenging because there is not a single treatment that works well for every patient. The didgeridoo has been used to treat sleep apnea and it has been shown to be effective in part because of strengthening of the pharyngeal muscles, which means the muscles of the throat, as well as the muscles of the tongue.– Dr. Jordan Stern, BlueSleep

Didgeridoo - Brahma (by Arun)

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