What is the shipping cost ? 
The shipping fee is a flat rate of 20$ for any quantity and any destination, except for China (5$ shipping fee).

What is the shipping time ?
- the shipping time is 2 weeks for any order containing herbs.
- the shipping time is 1 week for any order not containing herbs.

How am i going to be updated about the delivery status of my order ?
- We will provide you with a link that allows you to track in real time the status of the delivery. 

Am i going to be delivered directly at my address ?
- Yes, for most countries, you will be delivered right to your address. If you are not present at the moment of delivery, the post officer might put your package in the nearest post office and notify you.

Can I make a collective order ? 
- Yes, a collective order is an economic way to share the 20$ shipping fee. The shipping cost remains the same as long as the order is made at once.

Can i cancel my order ?
- No, we do not accept orders cancellations.

Can i return or exchange my order ?
- Yes, we accept returns or exchanges If the item you received has been damaged during its transit.
- we accept return and exchanges if you contact us during 48 hours after the delivery and a ship the item back during 7 days of delivery.

You would be responsible for return shipping costs.
- We do not accept returns or exchanges  if the item has been used or damaged. . 
- We do not accept returns or exchanges for Digital downloads.

For more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact us : info@shentilife.com 

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