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Flower Essence - 15 ml glass bottle with dropper


Water Lineage essences are vibrationally charged water infusions that have taken the frequency of specific plants on special moon omens. They are a gentle, energetic approach to address emotional factors impacting our health and quality of life.


Just like every human, flowers & plants have their own energy signature & expression.

Infused in very pure water, the subtle energy, qualities and essence of the plant begin to vibrationally charge & encode the water memory with its own blueprint - carrying the plant’s unique energy and awakening specific healing properties within our own energy fields.


This type of herbal medicine can help support deep internal transformation, working with challenging mental states, stuck emotional patterns and energetic imbalances.


All essences are preserved with Mahia (Moroccan Jewish brandy) but can be replaced with glycerin upon request.


Made with love in Morocco by Kerahsi.


Suggested use : 

Standard dosage is 4 drops, four to six times daily. On the tongue or in a glass of water to sip throughout the day. Potency is increased trough consistent frequency, not increased quantity.

Plant Wisdom - Flower Essences


    soothes stress, overwhelm, tension, sadness. relieves addictive tendencies, toxicity, headaches. light at the end of the tunnel. angels call to return home

    Made on full moon in Virgo.
    Composition: distilled water, 40% alcohol (mahia), 1:400 dilution of brugmansia versicolor grown in Morocco.

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