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Shungite purifies water, protects from harmful EMF, boosts your energy, relieves stress, detoxifies body and mind, increases physical & mental balance.

Shungite is a natural mineral (98% carbon mineraloid) from Russian region of Karelia. It is said to be around 2 billion and it owes these amazing properties to its complex chemical composition as well as carbon-based Fullerene internal structure. A Fullerene is a molecule consisting of carbon atoms. A globular hollow molecule that consists of specifically arranged carbon atoms, it neutralizes all sorts of harmful substances from the environment, including toxins and radio waves. Fullerenes have strong anti-microbial and antibacterial properties as well as a proven unique ability to act as long-lasting antioxidants. They are effective even in very small doses and the benefits can last for months. “Shungite material actively interacts with electromagnetic fields of different natures (anthropogenic, high frequency, solar, geo-geogenic, biofields) and counteracts their negative influence.” RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Karelian Scientific Centre Institute of Geology
Used for centuries in Russia, Shungite is a healing stone with many properties (sometimes referred to as “the stone of life"..) Shungite holds ancient energy, wisdom, and information, so it's the perfect stone to help you uncover the cosmic messages that come through for you from the Akashas. 
Shungite is beneficial for the relief of stress and fatigue.  It boosts physical wellbeing and has a powerful effect on the immune system.  Stress is transformed into high levels of energy and mental clutter and confusion is melted away. Healers who have worked with shungite say it clears stagnant energy and can help with the release of repetitive patterns of behaviour.  It can also help you to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you. Shungite is great at absorbing negative energy.  We recommend it be regularly cleansed and recharged.  

  • Shield you from electromagnetic frequencies (transforming harmful manmade EMFs into wave forms that are more compatible with our biology. )
  • Extremely grounding 
  • helps you to bring your spiritual body down into the physical plane
  • Cleanse the aura to release blockages
  • release feelings of self-doubt, guilt or shame.
  • bring clear vision and promote a positive attitude.
  • bring light during times of darkness or uncertainty
  • Purify water



Shungite can be wear as jewelry, hold in the hand, placed in a room or aded to your water. It can also be associated  with a Talcochlorite to create a harmonizing set : Shungite balances your moon energy aka the feminine or yin side of your body and being. Talcochlorite balances your sun energy aka the masculine or yang side of your body and being. These ancient stones “communicate” to align, balance, energize, and harmonize your energy poles, bringing a beautiful, oneness to the dualities that tend to influence us.


How to take care of your Shungite : 
- Visualization technique : Visualize universal, healing light filling the stone until all negativity has been dissolved.
- Breathing technique : breathe out forcefully while quickly waving your other hand over the crystal.
- Sound technique : place your  stones in a singing bowl and ring it.
- Smudging technic : use palo santo smoke to smudge them clean.
- Light technic : Place the stone in the sun or the light of the moon.  

Shungite Bracelets

500,00 MADPrix
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